3 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy Your Next Pair of Designer Shoes

It’s no secret that designer shoes can be incredibly expensive. Getting that exclusive brand on the heel of your new pumps might be all it takes to fetch your credit card from your wallet, but for some people this just isn’t reasonable. Paying the mortgage and buying groceries must come before adding to your collection of shoes in the closet. Fortunately, a new trend is on the rise as an alternative option to blowing your next paycheck at once: renting. More and more retailers are jumping on board for offering their customers shoe rentals for anyone whose budget doesn’t allow for spending a thousand dollars on a single pair. If you’re not convinced, here’s three reasons to forget buying and rent instead.


It Saves You Money

The most obvious reason is that renting can save you big in the long run. If you’re planning on wearing your awesome Christian Louboutins until the heels break and the leather peels off, then the hefty price tag might be worth the investment. For the rest of you who might only want a pair of sleek designer shoes for a single occasion, renting is by far the better option. A Jimmy Choo Sacora 100 bridal heel goes for $1,895, which says great things about your fashion sense but does horrors to your wallet considering you’ll probably take them off halfway through your special day.


You Still Get That High Style

Designer shoes make a statement. The brand name on the leather has a meaning that isn’t taken lightly in some circles. Every designer shoe you own says something about your tastes and adds a level of sophistication, luxury, design, and flair to your outfit. Renting allows for people with budgets who can’t go out and buy their own pair to still bask in the awesome feeling of wearing Prada. So long as you’re okay knowing you’ll have to take them back, renting is perfect for any occasion that calls for a little more elegance.


The Industry Is Catching On

Companies are becoming more aware of their customers’ needs and budgets, and they’re starting to enter the world of renting to attract business they would otherwise lose because of steep pricing. Retail giants like DSW are considering expanding their businesses into the rental department. Even more options exist online for renting shoes, like Eternal Style that offers Louboutins for amazing prices per pair.


Where You Can Rent Yours

If you’re interested in renting, it helps to know where to look. Here are just a few of the online resources where you can find almost any designer shoe you’ve set your heart on:


  • Eternal Style
  • Village Luxe
  • Cloak Wardrobe
  • Style Lend


As renting becomes more of a trend, you’ll be able to find even more options in the next few years.

A strict budget shouldn’t keep you from feeling your best on a special occasion or even just on a fashionable day out. You might find that renting your favorite pair of designer shoes is the perfect solution, and maybe one day you’ll be able to buy your very own!