5 Great Ways to Get the Best Jewelry on a Budget

With seasons constantly changing and fashion rapidly progressing to keep up, you might want to update your personal jewelry selection once in a while. Jewelry can be a pricey endeavor, however, and your budget might not allow for a lot of spending on something you can’t justify as a necessity. That’s when it’s time to start pulling some tricks out of your sleeve for budget shopping. Whether it’s going to certain brands that you know are good in quality and price or waiting for last season’s wares to go on sale, there’s always a way to find high quality jewelry at a fraction of its high-end cost. Here’s some tips to getting your jewelry sense rejuvenated at no extra cost to you.



Some brands are far more expensive than others, yet they offer the exact same quality goods as much cheaper ones. You don’t need to pay excessive amounts just to say that you own a particular brand. Instead, look into brands that offer just as valuable accessories at a appropriate price. Here are some brands that are highly rated and affordable:


  • Aleyole
  • Baublebar
  • Anthropologie
  • Pandora
  • Melanie Auld


Knowing your metals and how they’re priced in the current market is essential for getting what you want at a fair price. You can get jewelry that is solid or plated. If you’re on a budget, plated may be your better option since it has all the great looks of solid without the pricey weight behind it. Just be sure that your retailer is a trustworthy source, as you don’t want to end up with a faux metal.


Online Shopping

The online market provides an expansive source for shoppers to find the exact retailer that fits their needs, styles and budget. You can find just about anything your heart is set on, but again, research a seller you’re considering before buying from them. Try to get a reputable source that has a lot of reviews and reach out to former customers to get their experience if need be. Baublebar is a credited source that comes up repeatedly for being reliable and offering free shipping and returns, so be sure to find a retailer like them.



Nothing makes your wallet buzz with excitement than the smell of a good sale. Always be on the lookout for sales hitting stores near you. Stores that are closing can also be a fantastic way to find quality jewelry for less, especially since the price will continue dropping the longer it sits.


By the Season

When you buy can play a significant factor in the price you pay for jewelry. Off season sales are often the best times to buy, like in January, April or July because they are at the end of big shopping seasons. This is a time when retailers are anxious to get the old out in preparation for the new, and they’ll be dropping all kinds of prices to do so.

You don’t need to compromise your fashion or style because you can’t afford the highest end brands. There are all kinds of ways to get around hefty prices if you’re just willing to put in a little effort.