5 Tips for Getting Fashionable Designer Bags for Less

There’s something appealing about purchasing your very own handbag made by top of the line brands. Designer handbags make for incredible fashion statements, chic accessories for all outfits, occasions and seasons, and a valuable investment you can really count on. They aren’t cheap, either, and not everyone has the means of dishing out a thousand dollars on a little purse they might take out only for special occasions. Fortunately, there are ways to buy these trendy bags for less to keep your attire up to date and your wallet happy. Here are five tips for getting that dream bag you’ve always wanted.


Research Reliable Sources

There are all kinds of sources out there for cheaper designer handbags, but not all are reputable. Plenty of sellers claim to have the real deal for an astonishing fraction of its original price, but it might not be as authentic as they want you to believe. When you discover a source, make sure to double check that it’s not trying to sell you knock-off brands.


Know Where to Look

With so many options, you might not know where to start your search for the best place to get begs for less. Some websites and stores are far better than others. You can choose between shopping for unused bags that are from past seasons or designer bags that are slightly used with little wear. Both options provide affordable choices for your favorite Chanel and Gucci selections. Here are some to start with:


  • TJ Maxx
  • com
  • Luxe DH
  • The Outnet
  • Fashionphile
  • The RealReal

Shop by Season

Every season will come around again, so why not buy last spring’s design and wait for next spring to pull it out? This can save you some major money, as the next season’s bags will be the most expensive. Buying colors and styles in their off-season can be the perfect way to get something brand new and save big. If you’re willing to be a little patient, you can get designer bags for less that will still be a hot commodity the following year.


Check the Authenticity

If you’re concerned about the authenticity of a bag a seller is trying to market to you, there are several ways you can check if it’s actually a Chanel. Some brands always tag their bags with serial numbers, so check if the bag has one. Confirm that the bag’s details line up with all the details and styles in pictures of the real bag on the brand’s site. Check that the brand makes the color of the bag you’re interested in buying. You can always do a little digging on the seller, too; ask former customers of their experience and ensure that they have an honest history.


Go International

Many designer bags are available from overseas store websites for far less than they are in the U.S. Take a look at some of them to see if you can find your ideal bag at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that the shipping expenses don’t make the bag even more pricey!
There’s no need to sacrifice your bank account to obtain a designer bag. You can always find designer bags for less with a little extra effort, and the long-term investment definitely makes it worthwhile.