7 Tricks To Score a Designer Bag for Less

Brand names are all over popular culture. A beloved TV character mentions her bag by name, and social media starts buzzing. These shoulder accessories are coveted not only due to the social status associated with carrying them, but also because they’re usually made from high-quality materials. The thing is, that celebrity walking around with a $25,000 clutch likely scored a sweet discount, so why shouldn’t you? Implement these seven tricks to find some killer deals and buy designer bags for less.


1. Cruise Consignment Shops

Whether it be a car or a purse, buying second hand saves a lot of money. It may not be easy, but there are gems hanging next to grandma’s floral dress, just waiting for you to take home. Some consignment stores specialize in luxury brands, turning away items that don’t meet their standards. Pop into a consignment store when you pass by, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a deal.


2. Shop Estate Sales

Most people have garage sales, but wealthy people have estate sales. These are good locales to snag some high-end goods. Check the local newspaper to find an estate sale near you.


3. Find Sample Sales

As seen on classic television shows such as “Sex and the City,” sample sales have luxury brands at great prices. Unfortunately, only those lucky few who live in New York or Los Angeles have access to these mini shopping sprees. Take advantage and find great designer bags at a steep discount.


4. Ask for One

If you have your eye on a certain purse, ask for it for your birthday, Christmas, or other gift-giving holiday. The best deal is free, and if you know what you want, it’s an easy request.


5. Get Sale Alerts

Find your favorite brands and sign up for their newsletters or sale alerts. Most companies send coupons to subscribers or notify them of upcoming sales. Get the scoop before everyone else.


6. Rent Them

There’s a new trend in fashion, and its not a new print or lip shade. The fashion world is embracing eco-friendly practices and providing fashionistas the opportunity to rock luxury gear for less by renting it. With a monthly fee, you can have a rotating selection of top bags at your fingertips.


7. Ask Your Friends

If you’re drooling over your friend’s bag, ask her where she got it. She might be able to key you in to some hot deals.
Put these seven tricks to use, and snag that designer purse at a discount. The bags are waiting!