Affordable Handbag Brands to Enhance Your Wardrobe

Any true fashionista would tell you that you don’t have a fully complete wardrobe until you have at least one or two designer handbags. However, given the astronomical prices of some of the choices on the market, it can be difficult to find an option that’s both versatile for your style and affordable enough for your bank account. Thankfully, there’s an assortment of exceptional designer brands in the industry such as Coach and Guess that are available to those who want both high quality and reasonable prices, without having to sacrifice on either end. Read on to discover some of the best, most affordable handbags to add to your collection, any of which can become the next hit staple in your wardrobe.



As you may have ‘guessed,’ this luxury brand offers all of the trendy prints, patterns or colors you could want in a handbag, without forcing you to empty your wallet in the process. These bags range within the low hundreds in price, many of which can even be found for under $100 if you manage to catch a department store sale or a holiday online sale through the actual brand’s website. Whether you prefer a hefty tote for business purposes, a logo bag to show off your designer style, or a simple satchel to become your carry-all for any occasion, the Guess brand has you covered.



Considered one of the most in-demand handbag brands for the regular, fashion-forward bargain hunter, this designer label has a plethora of options available that all generally range in the lower to mid-hundreds in price. Depending on where you shop, you can find an extensive amount of looks and styles to suit your personal tastes. Outlet stores often allow for the cheapest prices on these goods, but the selection might be less varied as a result. In contrast to this, retail stores or the Coach website itself can usually provide a greater amount of color and print options, but the prices might be a bit higher in return. Overall, though, this highly popular brand caters to many shoppers looking for great style at a bargain price.


Tory Burch

Those who love classic or vintage flair done up in a modern twist would do well to start searching for this designer label. Tory Burch has a wide array of bags that are reasonably-priced and offer plenty of unique style. However, choosing a certain material or design element can help differentiate the costs in styles. If you prefer genuine leather or suede, for instance, you should expect to pay more than you would for a handbag made of a cloth or polyester material. Therefore, depending on your budget, you can generally find a bag on offer ranging anywhere from under $200 to close to $1,000. You can peruse through any number of shoulder bags, mini bags, clutches and more to find that essential wardrobe piece you need, and clicking through the sale page on the company website, or through other outlet stores websites, can help you pick one for a discounted cost.


Kate Spade

Similar in price to the Coach brand, Kate Spade designer bags give you the ideal package of providing plenty of eclectic and chic style at a rate you can handle, without needing to derail your bank account. Many popular department stores and outlets offer this brand, giving you access to a large collection of cute and playful colors, patterns and image styles. Meanwhile, you can also expect to find some styles of bags that have matching wallets for additional Instagram-ready moments with your wardrobe.


Foley & Corinna

Join the legion of celebrities and fashion-forward trendsetters who have indulged in the Foley & Corinna designer line! This brand has become highly marketable for its great selection of items, including backpacks, hobo bags, messengers, wristlets and cross-body bags perfect for the music festival crowd. Fortunately, these bags come at affordable rates within a $50-$450 range, and even allow for eco-conscious options like vegan leather materials. Regardless of your fashion sense, this label is bound to have something affordable to suit your growing accessory collection.

When you’re looking to maintain your trendy wardrobe on a budget, relying on versatile brands like Guess and Coach for your designer handbags can help you achieve your style goals without overpaying. Seek out the best from retail store sales and outlet shops to truly get a spectacular find for a great, low-priced deal.