High Quality Makeup Brands Anyone Can Afford

For some people, makeup is a staple of everyday life. Whether they love the natural look or want to go fully glam, it’s likely that they make themselves up multiple times a week or possibly every day. Unfortunately, that means that some products can be burnt through in a hurry, especially when it comes to the essentials. In that case, cosmetics can add up in price very quickly if you are buying from more expensive brands. You want the best quality, so are you limited to only the products with the hefty price tag?

Thankfully for you and all the makeup lovers in the world, there are plenty of cheap brands out there that offer high quality makeup without burning a hole through your pocket! Some people can be quick to turn their nose up at “drugstore brands,” and there are some to avoid, but many have very affordable prices while also doing an excellent job. If you would like to try to find some new makeup favorites that you can regularly buy without worry, try out some of these brands listed below!


1. e.l.f.

If you’re looking for some makeup basics, e.l.f. Cosmetics is a great place to start. They carry a wide variety of different essentials that are perfect for getting started, such as primers, foundations and concealers. They can lack in terms of bright colors and glam looks, but their products are incredibly cheap and focus on the types of products you’ll likely to go through the quickest.


2. Nyx

If you’re looking to try out some new types of makeup products, Nyx is an excellent brand to do some experimentation. This brand carries a variety of formulas for all different skin types and offers numerous base products to help with color correction and skin perfecting. With all the choices they have, you can figure out what your favorite types of products are from creams to powders to liquids and more!


3. Wet ‘n Wild

This drugstore brand is one that has really upped its game over the past several years. While the price tags for many of the products are suspiciously low, Wet ‘n Wild offers amazing quality beauty products that often go overlooked. If you’re searching for more variety in color with excellent pressed powders and liquid lipsticks, as well as high value palettes, this is the makeup brand for you. (Bonus: This brand also carries some wonderful nail polishes that are incredibly cheap, so give your nails some pampering, too!)


4. Colourpop

If you really want a pop of color in your makeup, this brand definitely lives up to its name! With a gorgeous selection of various hues and shades from all colors of the rainbow, Colourpop carries amazingly affordable palettes with numerous options. Eye shadow palettes can be some of the most expensive makeup products out there, but this brand will give you highly pigmented colors for a much more reasonable price. They also offer highlighters, lipsticks and other products for beautiful glam looks, and often carry limited seasonal collections with amazing designs.


5. BH Cosmetics

For a wide variety of different makeup products at affordable prices, BH Cosmetics takes the cake without breaking the bank. They carry plenty of products for the base of your look as well as all the finishing touches. This brand is carried all over and also includes some incredible brush sets that are perfect for all your makeup looks.


Extra: Subscription Boxes

If you would still love to try some of the more luxury brands without paying an arm and a leg, subscription boxes can give you monthly packs of various cosmetic brands to try at an affordable price. Some of these include Ipsy, Birchbox and BoxyCharm.

As you can see, there are many ways to receive high quality makeup for cheap, so take a look at all of these brands and get your favorite looks without spending all of your money.