How Can Oakley Sunglasses Help You Look Great for Less?

When it comes to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, the right sunglasses make all the difference. And while it may seem easier to buy a pair of inexpensive drugstore sunglasses, a pair of quality Oakley sunglasses will last longer and pay for itself over time. These sunglasses combine comfort, good looks and performance capabilities in a sleek package. When you shop with us, a pair of Oakleys is more affordable than you might think.


Why Oakley?

As manufacturers of designer sunglasses go, Oakley is relatively affordable. However, the true value of these sunglasses is in their high-performance design. World-class athletes in football, winter sports, mountain biking, BMX,  golf, and motorsports choose Oakleys. Even if you are not an athlete, chances are good that you will benefit from some of Oakley’s cutting-edge features.


Impact Protection

All Oakley lenses are rigorously tested, and they exceed impact protection standards. Whether you play a sport that may subject your eyes to projectiles or just want the peace of mind of knowing you are protected, these quality lenses offer far more protection than most designer sunglasses.


Shielding from Harmful Types of Light

Most affordable sunglasses offer some level of UV protection. However, most of these sunglasses simply have a UV-resistant coating on top of the lenses, and this type of coating can wear off over time. Oakley lenses have protection throughout the entire lens, so it will not deteriorate even with significant wear. Oakleys offer total protection from these potentially damaging light types:


  • UVA light
  • UVB light
  • UVC light
  • Blue light


Exposure to harmful rays of light can cause health problems and damage your vision over time. Especially if you are someone who is frequently outdoors, investing in a pair of protective lenses like those found on Oakley sunglasses will help you preserve your eyesight and reduce eye fatigue.


High-Definition Optics

Oakley sunglasses feature High-Definition Optics (HDO) to give you sharper, clearer vision in any weather conditions. These lenses repel water and sweat, and the unique lens design means that dust will not stick.
You also can choose polarized or iridium-coated lenses to reduce glare and enhance certain wavelengths. These technologies can help you stay focused and reduce eye fatigue in harsh sunlight.


Unparalleled Comfort

If you have ever worn inexpensive sunglasses for a long period of time, you likely have had to deal with pressure points. With cheaper sunglasses, pressure points (often on your nose or around your ears) can be very uncomfortable and may contribute to headaches.
Because Oakley sunglasses are designed to be worn even during extreme sports, their three-point frames are designed for incredible comfort. They also will stay in place even with constant movement. The best sunglasses are the ones that make you forget you are even wearing them, and this kind of comfort is exactly what you will find with a pair of Oakleys.


Sports-Specific Frame Designs

Oakley sunglasses have earned a reputation through consistent quality and attention to detail. The company has taken that attention to detail a step further with frames designed for the demands of specific sports.  Many Oakleys work well for a variety of different applications. However, if you are looking for specialized fit and optics, you may be interested in the tennis-specific Fast Jacket sunglasses or in one of the many models made specifically for golf.


Plenty of Different Styles

You may be looking for Oakley sunglasses because you are an athlete. However, plenty of regular people have chosen Oakleys for their great style. Whether you prefer the laid-back aesthetic of Holbrook frames or like the vintage, ski-goggle-inspired Sutro, you can find a style that suits you.
Oakley offers plenty of frame designs, and each design comes in an array of colors. Whether you want to add a bright accent to your outfit or choose a neutral style that will go with everything, Oakley’s extensive catalog almost certainly has something you will like.

Oakleys are designed to look great on both men and women, and they are not only for athletes. After all, plenty of Hollywood stars have been spotted wearing these high-quality lenses. And thanks to Oakley’s high-tech lens construction process, a pair of their sunglasses is both a fashion statement and an investment in the health of your eyes.

How a Pair of Affordable Oakleys Can Change Your Life

If you are someone on a budget, you might think that you cannot justify spending the money on a pair of Oakleys. In most cases, people who have only ever purchased very inexpensive sunglasses cannot tell what they have been missing until they try on a designer pair with high-quality optics.

When you shop with us, we can help you find great deals on top-quality sunglasses. And while your wallet will thank you, nobody around you will be able to tell that your genuine Oakleys were a budget purchase. Let us help you look amazing for less.