How to Buy a Great Men’s Watch on a Budget

Nothing quite speaks to class and fashion like owning a designer watch. They provide quality and durability that you know will last you long into the future, creating a great investment. Not to mention they work amazingly as a statement to your attire and personality. Unfortunately, that brand name, superiority and sleek look can come with a sizable price tag, one you might not be able to afford. Here’s the top tips for selecting the best watch for you (so you don’t have buyer’s remorse later) and how to get it at a discount.


Measurements Matter

Watches come in many different sizes, and not all can go with every man. The diameter of the watch case you choose can depend on a variety of factors, including your wrist measurement and style. General guidelines suggest that a watch less than 38mm in diameter is too small and tends to get into the size range for women. However, a watch diameter that is greater than 46mm might be going a bit too big. Your wrist circumference plays a role in what size is right for you, too, as a wrist 6 to 7 inches in circumference is better for the lower end of the watch diameter spectrum, while wrists that are 7.5 to 8 inches should lean toward the higher end.


Style and Functionality Counts

Not all watches are created equal. Some are meant for specific professions, to compliment a certain outfit, or to do more than just tell time. Here are five of the most common types:

  • Field Watches: built tough to endure a lot of wear and tear
  • Aviation Watches: created to keep incredibly accurate time in a variety of designs
  • Dress Watches: for the gentleman’s professional work attire, especially a suit and tie
  • Dive Watches: all for underwater exploration with extreme water and corrosion resistance
  • Racing Watches: designed with high fashion in mind to make a statement and keep accurate time


Buying on a Budget

You might not have the money for those top of the line brands, but looking for deals here and there can bring you a surprising amount of affordable options for these watches. If you have your heart set on this season’s latest selection, try negotiating with the dealer for a lower price. You’ll often find that you can bargain for 25% off the original sales price with no trouble at all. Much like buying a car, consider bringing only cash that you can offer up front (appealing to retailers because they won’t have to pay the credit card fee).
Keep an eye out for clearance sales or store closings to get the best discount on your favorite watch. Stores will be trying to get rid of all the old season’s wares to make room for the new season, which means lower and lower prices until things finally sell. The same goes for stores that are closing, as they want to make at least some money from what they have left, as well as get rid of it all.

Don’t let high prices intimidate you from buying your dream watch. If you have a little extra patience, you may be able to find it at a significant discount than its original sale price.