How to Find Awesome Designer Shoes for Less

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to say you own something from a high-end brand. It can speak to your personality, style, tastes, and fashion sense. Unfortunately, owning designer brands isn’t so easy on the wallet, and it can be difficult to find your perfect shoes when you’re on a budget. Luckily, there are several ways to buy affordable designer shoes that can keep extra cash in your pocket while you sport around your new style. Here’s how to do it.


Look in the Right Places

Shopping at expensive stores or on the brand’s website itself is a sure way to find the highest price for your shoes. There are many outlet and online options that provide the exact same shoes for considerably less. You can find designer shoes at stores like TJ Maxx and websites like The Outnet that tailor to people with less to spend. Yet you’ll still end up with the same fashionable attire. It’s a win-win!


Shop out of Season

Any designer style that’s just hit the sales floor is for the next season, which means it’s the latest and hottest style — and therefore the most expensive. Consider waiting for your favorite shoes to pass out of style and buy them after their season. Buying bright spring colored designs in fall guarantees affordable prices since those won’t be needed for winter. Then you can pull them out the next year and have the same awesome hot style for a lot less.


Take Advantage of Store Closings

Nothing gets you top of the line designer brands at a fraction of the cost like all out clearances. When stores are closing, they’re going to try to sell as much as their leftover stock as possible. The longer it takes to sell, the lower the price becomes. Spotting these great opportunities can be the best way to come home with your dream pair of shoes.


Try Renting

If you’re only going to wear it once, why put in such a huge investment at the beginning? Renting is a great option for those once-in-a-lifetime moments that beg for high designer fashion but that you’ll likely never take out of the closet again. Instead of throwing that money away to the dust bunnies, locate a store near you that rents out the same shoes. Enjoy a night out with them with minimal loss to your bank account, and then send them on their way!


Consider Look-Alikes

Designer brands are great, but sometimes you only buy them for their namesake. Often you can get the same quality and commodities in a shoe for a much more affordable price in another brand. These brands might not be ones that hit major fashion runways, but they look just as amazing and function the exact same.

Whether you’re looking for a brand that possess a classy designer name or are just interested in trying out a different look, you can always find shoes that are affordable and fit your budget. It might take a little more patience and research, but in the end you’ll have a new pair of shoes to go with your favorite outfit.