Makeup Savings Hacks: How to Save Money at Sephora

A trip to Sephora can be the highlight of any shopping excursion. The sheer amount of products can be overwhelming at first! From fragrances, nail polishes, to a large array of different makeup products, you will love what you find. No matter how often you shop, everyone likes savings.

You don’t have to break the bank to invest in high quality makeup! If you’re interested in savings, here are some of the best tips to save money on your next trip!


Find and Use Coupons

Most companies have coupons and Sephora is no exception! You can find Sephora coupon codes online. There are also beauty insider memberships that can provide you with coupons in your email. Now, if you have JCPenney coupons, you can use them at Sephora stores within JCPenney. In addition, if you have JCPenney gift cards, you can use them in Sephora too, as long as it is a Sephora within the store. You cannot use these gift cards or JCPenney coupons in flagship Sephora stores.

You can use coupons online or in store. If you shop online and spend 50 dollars or more, you qualify for free shipping. If you enroll in Sephora’s FLASH shipping, however, you can receive free two-day shipping for just 15 dollars annually. When you are a FLASH shipping member, it does not matter how large your order is.


Check Out Free Samples

If you shop online, you receive two samples every time that you make a purchase. In some instances, if you have a coupon code, you can receive more free samples. If you are in the store, then you can sample almost any Sephora product. It does not matter if you purchase anything! If you attend any free events in Sephora, you may also be able to take home free samples. This can help you decide how much you like a product before you make a decision to purchase them.


Shop in November and April

Sephora does not have a lot of sales throughout the year. They do, however, have two big sales every year. These sales take place in April and then again in November. If you shop during this time, you could save up to 20 percent on all products. Your membership status can determine how much you can save during these sale dates.


Claim Your Birthday Gift

Did you know that you can receive a free birthday gift every year? To receive your birthday gift, you have to be a Beauty Inside Member. This is a free membership! During your birthday month, you can stop into any store and ask for your birthday gift. Once the cashier looks up your information, he or she will hand you your git. If you want your birthday gift online, you have to make a purchase first.


Become a VIB Member

If you want to be a VIB member, then you need to spend at least 350 dollars at Sephora throughout the year. Your status remains for the year that you meet the minimum and can last into the following year. If you have VIB status, you can earn points and then receive more rewards and gifts. You can also take advantage of other savings throughout the seasons.


Become a Rouge Member

To become a Rouge Member, you have to spend at least 1,000 dollars in a year. If you are a Rouge member, then you may receive some of the best deals and perks throughout the year. You will receive 1.5 points for every dollar that you spend and will have a choice between four different birthday gifts. In addition, you have free shipping without any minimum purchase.


Buy Value Sets

Value sets can save you a lot of money! Sets are curated collections of makeup. These may be from one brand or multiple brands. When there are value sets, you can save up to 80% on the contents inside! If you see value sets, then you should always consider them.

If you love savings and you love Sephora, then you should take advantage of the different sales throughout the year. In addition to sales, you can become a member, utilize coupons or purchase value sets to save more money. High quality makeup does not have to empty your wallet.