Smell Heavenly With These 7 Cheap Perfumes for Under $30

Perfumes are a great way to express your femininity and boost your confidence for a big occasion. The fragrance industry is booming and scents are available in an almost infinite range, from sweet florals to earthy delights. Perfumes used to be an expensive accessory to purchase, but manufacturers have caught on to consumer demands. You can find many cheap blends for less than $30. These recommendations are worth checking out if you’re looking for a brand to trust.


1. Good Chemistry’s Queen Bee

Queen Bee uses quality ingredients from nature that are simple yet make a statement. It features notes of black currant, peony and amber to invigorate and inspire. Imagine the juicy fruit ripening on a bush and the flowers in full bloom because the ingredients are derived from essential oils that are as authentic as they come. The retail price for this product is $24.99.


2. Adorn Aura Quartz

It’s not every day that you stumble on a perfume inspired by crystals. Adorn Aura Quartz is worth paying attention to because the scent notes are as alluring as the crystalline flask. Enjoy zesty citrus, smoky incense and luscious vanilla if you want to create a divine aura around you for an evening event. The sophisticated package is available for $24, which is cheap compared to other options on the market.


3. Vera Wang Embrace

Discovering that a Vera Wang item is available at a cheap shopping center such as Walmart is like finding a Gucci coat for sale at a gas station. Vera Wang Embrace is a sophisticated floral comprised of marigold and gardenia. It has a romantic atmosphere to encourage intimacy and warmth when you’re creating memories with your loved ones.


4. Bath and Body Works Rose Fine Fragrance Mist

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and need a fast finishing touch to your outfit before heading out the door. The Rose Fine Fragrance Mist is perfect to spritz for a delicate and playful olfactory experience. Rosewater is the hero ingredient. It’s mixed with jasmine petals and creamy musk so that you can stay on-trend. Simply use the pump of the designer bottle to bathe in this fragrance’s glory. It’s available for $14.50.


5. Austin Press Ladies Cabin

Austin Press is a company stationed in San Francisco with a mission to spread cheap fragrances to the masses without sacrificing quality. Ladies Cabin has a vintage vibe that is otherworldly and graceful. Top notes are meyer lemon, armoise and bergamot that transition to lily, violet and neroli. The base is a carefully-crafted combination of cedar and moss. The retail price is $26.


6. Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

Philosophy is an American beauty brand that harnesses pure ingredients to captivate women of all characters and dispositions. The company’s Amazing Grace Ballet Rose is a sweet garden blend with summery tones. It opens with sparkling lychee and lingers on rose and peony notes. Pink musk creates the base. The colored theme is intentional, since this perfume draws from the glamour of classical ballet to make you feel youthful and energized. Its price is $21.99.


7. Pacifica Spray French Lilac Perfume

Bask in the great outdoors with an intoxicating blend that you can flaunt every day. Pacifica Spray French Lilac Perfume features lilac, magnolia leaves, heliotrope, nectarine, ylang ylang and hyacinth. It’s just the thing to make people turn heads and lay their eyes on you. You can enjoy this cheap and snappy blend for $21.99.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to indulge in top-notch perfumery items. These seven products can knock you off your feet at a cheap price. Grab one or two to carry in your bag for repeated uses or to display on your vanity table with pride.