Techwear for Beginners

Have you ever heard the term “techwear?” If you haven’t, no worries — it’s a relatively new term in the fashion industry. If you’re not sure what it is, whether or not it’s worth buying or even if you already own a piece, look no further: Here’s a quick rundown on the finer points of this new fashion trend.


What is Techwear?

Have you noticed that in recent years, minimalism is a buzzword in the corporate world? There are many contributing factors, but don’t think that the world of fashion has failed to recognize the trend as well. Techwear is a seamless blend (no pun intended!) of minimalism and outdoor wear. For an item to fall into the category of techwear, however, it must meet these two criteria:


  1. Be made with materials that are both light and functional. (e.g.: It repels water while maintaining your body heat, but isn’t super heavy.)
  2. Serve as a high mobility piece that is easy to move around in, but is also a comfortable one.

Is Techwear Expensive?

Like anything else, it all depends on the brand that you’re looking at, as well as where you’re shopping. In most cases you do get what you pay for, which means that when you buy cheap off-brands that are made with flimsy material then your item will not last very long. Although it can be pricey, spending good money on a well-trusted brand is worth the money. Weigh your options: Would you rather spend a lot of money on an item that will last you for years, or would you rather replace the same cheap item every few months?


What Are the Best Techwear Items For You?

Whether you’re a jogger, basketball enthusiast or prefer to go on hikes, you can find a piece of techwear that fits your needs. It’s simply a matter of narrowing down what you’re looking for and transferring those wants to real-life items.


  • Jackets are one of the most popular and long-lasting pieces of techwear, but bear in mind that they can also be some of the most expensive. It is not uncommon to see techwear jackets sold in multiple pieces, most notably a hardshell and its inner layer. The hardshell is the lightweight, usually waterproof layer that moves with you and protects you against the elements, while the inner layers are typically made of fleece or another soft material to ensure that you stay warm.
  • When you are working out, a comfortable shirt is one of the most essential pieces of exercise clothing. Techwear shirts are made with synthetic materials (Merino wool among one of the most popular) that soak up moisture and regulate temperature. These kinds of shirts are stretchier and move with you more easily, ensuring that you stay cool and comfy while you work out.
  • It can be difficult to strike the proper balance between form and functionality when you’re trying to apply the techwear model to shoes, but there are plenty of brands that have successfully pulled this off. You’re highly unlikely to find heavy-duty footwear like hiking boots as techwear, but are definitely prone to finding basketball and running sneakers designed in the simplistic style.

Ideal for All People

Thankfully if you’re not especially athletic, techwear is not for sporty people alone. Do you have a job that requires you to be outside a lot and you need a durable and dependable piece of clothing for it? Are you a camper and like to spend a lot of time in nature? Whatever your reasons, anybody can enjoy the benefits that the stylish new trend has to offer. Durable materials and quality craftsmanship can be appreciated by anybody, even when it comes to techwear.