Top Designer Brands to Look for on a Budget

Designer shoes are a blast to look for. With so many options online and in stores, you could spend days just trying to pick out a single pair you love above the rest. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a designer brand, but don’t have the money for it, then don’t fret. There a surprising number of brands that come at a discounted rate compared to other high-end styles. These brands provide the exact same elegance and fun with true quality materials and fashion sense that will scream sophistication when you step out in them. Here’s six brands to consider for less money.



With totally unique and original looks, Neous has designs that are meant for all kinds of events. They’ve got strappy sandals, big heels and superb flats with various designs and colors. The sophisticated feel and classy grace of these shoes can go with any professional outfit while still making a big statement to fashionistas everywhere.


By Far

“By Far” one of the best brands for designer shoes at a lower price, this brand offers a huge range of price over a wide selection of shoes. Forget having to choose a less appealing shoe because you can’t afford the extra accessories and designs. By Far provides boots, heels and sandals that you can wear to work or to a picnic at the park. You’re bound to find the style that matches you here.


Jimmy Choo

Nothing says chic with a touch of suave like Jimmy Choo shoes. This brand comes with elegant designs and styles that are sure to blow the competition out of the water. They create the most elaborate, fancy heels and bedazzled, blingy masterpieces that any bride would love to wear on her wedding day. If you’re in the mood for spring or summer colorful attire, you can look no further than Jimmy Choo to find a shoe that matches your best dress.



Kalda is relatively new to the shoe market, but they started with a bang and aren’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. With adorable mini sandals, straps galore, vibrant colors, and stilettos that make a statement all on their own, you’d be hard pressed to look anywhere else for your next designer pair. Wear any of these shoes out on a casual day and feel like a goddess doing it.


Yuul Yie

No shoe designer is as unique, creative and eccentric as Yuul Yie — and in all the right ways. In this brand you can find geometrical creations, fun and flashy arrangements and other designs that challenge fashion norms. Every heel is different, making them one special shoe to own.


Cult Gaia

Clear, sleek and clean is in for Cult Gaia, and it’s one spectacular look. See-through heels that compliment any white outfit marvelously is only one of Cult Gaia’s specialties. You can find high-wrapping straps, fun beads and combinations of patterns at this exclusive brand.
Of course, “exclusive” doesn’t mean solely for the rich. You can find many of these amazing designer brands discounted for a fraction of the price at certain retailers or by shopping second-hand. You never know what treasure you’ll come out wearing next.